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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Le premier amour [English Version]

Le premier amour [English Version]

An Hoang Trung Tuong
International 2010-08-05 07:00:00


(Vietnamese Version here)


Spécialement pour ma maman et ma Cam Chau, les deux femmes éternelles de ma vie.

Especially for my mom and my Cam Chau, the two women eternal of my life.

The first love

Le premier amour

*Et tu verras qu'il est à venir*

The mama set The General down, said, General be docile okay. I'll go for work okay, meet ya' evenin'.

The General distorting lips, cried, a-aa-a-aaa-a. Means, mommy let me go with.

The mama said, General my man, do be docile. Do be docile. Do kiss me.

The General hugged the mama, kissed her chuckchuck chuckchuck, kept crying, a-aa-a-aaa-a. Means, I miss you mommy I love you mommy.

The mama told teacher The Flour Face, you please grab The General out me. I may late.

The Flour Face snatching The General, said, you go, go.

The mama hurriedly ran, wiping her eyes. The General roared, a-aa-a-aaa-a-huhu a-aa-a-aaa-a-huhu. Means, I love you mommy huhu mommy don't go huhu.

The Flour Face shouted at The General, silence. Silence. 'Throw ya onto Mr Three Pouch now.

The mama too often threatened with Mr Three Pouch. The General didn't fear, kept crying, a-aa-a-aaa-a-huhu. Means, mommy mommy don't leave me huhu.

That's the first coming to school of The General.


The Class staring The General struggling to call for mother, pitied much.

The General seeing them birdy-posing each in their jerry-chair wearing no pants lifting shirts, despised much (*).

And impassibly The General wailed, a-aa-a-aaa-a-huhu.

The Flour Face shouted, Ladies 'n Gents, sit quiet, shit quick. Quick to lease The General a chair. Mr General shut up.

And drew a nicelove novel, beamishly read.


She was a bit older than The General. Her teeth count might have been 12 or even 16 already. Her hair had been black already. The General's teeth count was just 8 or even 6. The General's hair was still silk-blonde. The General was precisely 1-year.

She pushed her jerry-chair to The General, said, a-aa-a-aaa-a. Means, Sir here's your chair.

The General stopped wailing. She's so charming.

Not yet yearned to shit, however The General accepted the chair, said, a-aa-a-aaa-a. Means, I thank you Lady, I'm Al Huang The General, son of graduates.

The Flour Face shouted, Cam Chau, where do push yo jerry. Get back. Pee shit 'driven all around now.

The General said, a-aa-a-aaa-a. Means, Cam Chau, I do like you.

She said, a-aa-a-aaa-a. Means, you're welcome General, I'm Cam Chau The Maize Corn, daughter of leaders.


On the evening, the mama met The General, kissed him chuckchuck chuckchuck, asked, has my lovely boy been docile today? Has the teacher yelled? Have the mates bullied?

The General replied, a-aa-a-aaa-a. Means, Cam Chau likes me mommy, Cam Chau leased me the jerry.

The mama then asked, be my lovely boy goin' to school again tomorrow okay?

The General replied, a-aa-a-aaa-a. Means, Cam Chau's cutie cutie mommy, Cam Chau's the cutest.

The mama said, General my lovely boy do kiss mee.

The General clasped the mama's cheeks, kissed chuckchuck chuckchuck, said, a-aa-a-aaa-a.

Means, mommy I wanna kiss Cam Chau hehe.


The second coming to school.

The mama set The General down, said, General be docile okay. I'll go for work okay, meet ya' evenin'.

The General said, a-aa-a-aaa-a. Means, love you mommy, I'll do look for Cam Chau mommy.

She was delivering her jerry to The Sheep Rib.

Fuckin bitch. The Sheep Rib accepted the chair, said, a-aa-a-aaa-a. Means, I like ya Cam Chau.

She grinned unsightly.

The General sobbed out, a-aa-a-aaa-a-huhu. Means, mommy hei hei don't leave me huhuhu mommy hei hei.


Ten years more then ten years more. The General considered The Sheep Rib enemy. Fuckin bitch. He had robbed General's first love.

Ten years more, She asked, General, why d'ya soo hate The Sheep Rib?

The General replied, he has robbed my female.

She asked, whom?

The General replied, you.

The General stated the jerry-chair case.

She went laughing heartily. She told that She passed her jerry only cos She'd had a chronic constipation problem.



(*) Jerry-chair: A baby chair that attaches to a jerry for kids to sit-n-shit. In the Socialist Heaven, the preschool children had to take jerry-chairs till their fully shitting each time they entered the class.

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