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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tenez-la pour le temps passé [English Version]

Tenez-la pour le temps passé [English Version]

An Hoang Trung Tuong
International 2010-08-03 13:00:00


(Vietnamese Version here)


Tenez-la pour le temps passé. Touchez-la pour mon temps passé.

Hold it for the time gone

Tenez-la pour le temps passé


The General said, hey Maize Corn, age 14 I loved Oanh Oanh.

The Female said, First Love?

- No. The fourth one? Or the sixth? Or the nineth? I dun't remember.

- 'There sex?

- Thers.

- Hehe you must be sent to prison.

- She'd better to.

- What's matter?

- Oanh Oanh was 28.

- Oh God.

- Dieu la bénisse.

- A neighbor?

- Neighbor. One husband, two children. The husband was 31, Military Police Captain. Being as stately as now stock-boss. Brought home every week by sidecars from the Zone. The children one was seven that's in 2nd grade one was three that mated me much.

- Did she seduce?

- No. I did.

- A 14 seduced a 28? Hahaha.

- Yeap. She had bath in her kitchen. I flipped the window lookin'. And sexed.

- Repeatly repeatly repeatly?

- I guess so.

- How long?

- 'Bout a year.

- Were detected?

- Oanh Oanh's husband suspected she coupled my papa.

- Hahaha. Hahaha. Hahaha.

- He beat her rudely. Oanh Oanh moved away.

- Then did meet again?

- No. She took another boy.


The General said, hey Maize Corn, age 8 I loved Kim Kim.

The Female said, it's very The First Love?

- Nun. Thanks God. Hehe.

- 'There sex?

- Dry sex only.

- Not much romantically.

- Enough romantically.

- Kissing? Hugging? Touchin' everything?

- Yeap.

- Kiss sucky? Hug fucky?

- Yeap.

- A neighbor more?

- No. My professor.

- Professor that teachin' you?

- Of course.

- A 28 more?

- Nop. Twenty four.

- Army Lieutenant husband? Hahaha.

- Non husbanded.

- One child? Hahaha.

- Non childed.

- How long?

- 'Bout half a year.

- Were detected?

- No. Kim Kim fuckin' the Vice-principal. They two flew over.

- Then did meet again?

- No. Ne jamais. Mais je veux.


The General said, hey Maize Corn, age 5 I loved Mang Mang.

The Female said, exactly The First Love.

- Nun. Thanks God. Hehe.

- 'There sex?

- Thers.

- Mang Mang's 20? Hahaha.

- Eight.

- Oh God. 'There sex?

- Mmm.

- 'There sex?

- Thers.

- How long?

- Once.

- What's matter?

- We travelled mountains with the parents. Ours two refuged into a cave. Whole the afternoon.

- Makin' love?

- Yeap.

- Making love?

- Yeah?

- Can't imagine. Make love? Off all clothes?

- Yeap. Like adults.

- Avec succès?

- Nogn. I was too little. J'étais trop petit.

- Were detected?

- My parents caught well. Whipped lot.

- Then did meet again?

- No. Hehehe. I yet haven't known her name. Mang Mang is the fabricated one. Hehehe.


The General said, hey Maize Corn, do you love me?

The Female said, extremely do.

- Do you wanna see me everyday?

- Extremely do.

- I am 16 years older, is it hard?

- You're still strong, man.


The General said, hey Maize Corn.

The Female said, what's up?

- Shall we marry?

- Pour qui? Même à ma mère tu es encore trop vieux.



Maize Corn: The main figure in the story named Le Premier Amour.

The French phrases in the story you men please ask Google The Bad Guy for meaning. Al Huang The General does no translation so far.

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